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Transformative Art

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Be prepared to have fun & get creative with found objects!

$25 each class


Materials  •  Snacks  •  Fun

Let it Rain-Sticks

Want RAIN?  

Make rainsticks out of trash!

Let's help the heavens open

Using trash and your imagination!

Trash Selfies

Make your self portrait out of trash.

Its fun. Its inspiring.

Leave your inner critic at the door  

Explore the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Your trashy self-image will be  beautiful!!!

Fab Fortune Fobs aka Lucky Charms

Create your talisman using cool stuff

you never thought of as "art" or lucky!

Explore international symbols of good luck and leave with your own Fab Fortune Fob.

Make a Wish Box

Have some dreams

you'd like to come true?

Make a neato box is what you'll do, with trash & pix & wishes too.

This POT Doesn't SUCK

Plant cool Succulents

Make an old pot wild!

Even though it holds succulents

It really won't suck!

In Honor of Earth Day!

SPECIAL Intro Workshop

Un-Masking the Soul

Expressive Arts Experience

• embrace your creativity 

• let go of your inner critic 

• Gain insight into emotions/beliefs/ideas

• Release un-productive ways of being

Introductory workshop is 2 hours.

Weekend Seminar to be held in June